February 21, 2017 (4.0.1)

  • Content updated through February 10, 2017. 
  • Users can see previously analyzed Courts in their workspace history. 
  • Other recent changes
    • Ravel now prefers caselaw names in title case (Terry v. Ohio)
    • Ravel fixed an issue where some caselaw was duplicated in our system.
    • Ravel fixed a bug where using some keyword searches within our Court Analytics and Judge Analytics dashboard broke our Motion Analytics chart.
    • Ravel has optimized the search history functionality visible in Workspace for speed and improved back office research reporting.
    • Site redesign with new colors and typography rules.
    • Secondary navigation tabs now appear below the indicator of Judge or Court in Judge Analytics.
    • The title of the Analytics tab in Judge and Court Analytics has been changed to Decision Analytics.
    • The Motion Analytics tab and filters now only appear for trial courts and has been removed at the appellate level courts. 
    • You can now filter by multiple Primary Topics in Judge Analytics and Case Analytics
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