What does Ravel's motion data include?


Our motion data is created by analyzing court opinions, not dockets. This means we capture orders on major motion types, like motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment, as well as orders on 100+ other motion types. We cover both federal and state court opinions.

Some orders on routine, “housekeeping” motions are issued only as a docket entry, without an accompanying substantive, reasoned opinion. These are often referred to as "minute orders". Motions dealt with in this way do not appear in court opinions. Examples of motions you may see handled with minute orders include motions for extensions of time, motions for leave to appear pro hac vice, motions for leave to file under seal, etc.

If you are doing research in Ravel and want to explore statistics about a "routine" motion that may often be dealt with via minute order, we recommend evaluating the number of opinions in the result set to determine if you think the sample size is large enough for meaningful conclusions.  

For more information about our court opinion coverage, please see our detailed FAQ here

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