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Ravel now supports the attribution of multiple topics to an opinion for better searching, filtering and case synopsis. To learn more about the data science we have used to apply this taxonomy to the law, read our blog.

Administrative Law Cases governing the activities and operations of government agencies.
Agriculture Cases regulating the practice of cultivating land and raising crops and livestock.
Animal Rights Cases governing the statutory protection of animals.
Antitrust Cases related to the regulation of trade and commerce to promote fair competition.
Banking Cases governing the regulation of banking institutions.
Bankruptcy Cases governing the debtor-creditor relationship.
Civil Rights Cases related to the rights of individuals to political, social, and economic freedom and equality.
Commercial Law Cases governing the broad areas of business, commerce, and consumer transactions.
Communications Cases regulating the transfer of information by telephone, computer, cable, satellite, and other wireless services.
Constitutional Law Cases governing the fundamental principles by which the government exercises its authority, including powers granted to and limitations placed upon government.
Construction Cases relating to building construction, engineering and related fields.
Contracts Cases governing the exchange of goods and services, money, or property through oral or written agreement.
Copyrights Cases involving the commercial use and licensing of artistic and literary works.
Corporations Cases dealing with the formation and operation of businesses as legal entities.
Criminal Law Cases governing punishable unlawful acts.
Education Cases relating to schools, teachers, and the right to an education.
Elections Cases regulating elections, including campaign finance, election administration, and voting rights.
Employee Benefits Cases governing nonwage compensation provided to employees in addition to their regular salary or wages.
Employment Cases governing employment standards and the employer-employee relationship.
Entertainment Cases governing the rendering of legal services to the entertainment industry.
Environment Cases governing the extraction, sale, distribution, and protection of energy and natural resources.
Executive Compensation Cases governing nonwage compensation provided to upper-level management in exchange for their work on behalf of an organization.
Expert Witnesses Cases governing persons permitted to testify at trial because of specialized knowledge or proficiency in a particular field.
Family Cases relating to family matters and domestic relations.
First Amendment Cases governing an amendment to the United States Constitution guaranteeing the rights of free expression and action.
Government Benefits Cases regulating federal assistance provided to individuals or organizations experiencing financial hardship.
Government Contracts Cases regulating agreements between the government and individuals and organizations.
Government Law Cases governing interpretation and analysis of legislation, as well as monitoring of executive and legislative branches of federal, state, and local government.
Health Cases governing the regulation of the healthcare industry.
Hourly Wages Cases governing payments made to an employee for hourly work performed in service of their employer.
Immigration Cases involving government policies related to immigration and deportation, as well as naturalization and citizenship.
Information Privacy Cases concerning the regulation of personal information, including disclosure, use, and storage.
Insurance Cases governing the interpretation and enforcement of health, liability, property, and other insurance contracts.
Intellectual Property Cases concerning the rules for securing and enforcing legal rights to inventions and other intangible assets.
International Law Cases governing relations between or among states and nations.
Labor Cases governing the relationship between workers, employers, trade unions, and the government.
Legal Malpractice Cases related to professional negligence of an attorney or other legal professional and liability for harm caused by their actions.
Licensing Cases involving agreements authorizing one party to use the intellectual property rights of another in exchange for a fee or royalty.
Maritime Cases governing all maritime activities.
Medical Malpractice Cases related to professional negligence by healthcare professionals and liability for harm caused by their actions.
Mergers and Acquisitions Cases governing the purchase and consolidation of companies or assets.
Military Cases governing members of the armed forces.
Municipal Law Cases governing city, town, and other local government entities.
Native American Law Cases concerning the sovereign authority of Native American tribes to govern themselves, subject to overriding federal laws.
Patents Cases involving the use and licensing of patents.
Pensions Cases related to nonwage periodic payments meant to support a person’s retirement from employment.
Personal Property Cases governing ownership and other interests in movable property, as opposed to fixed real property.
Products Liability Cases involving manufacturers and vendors of goods made available to the public and the responsibility for injuries caused by these products.
Real Property Cases governing ownership and other interests in fixed property, specifically land and buildings.
Right of Publicity Cases involving the commercial use and licensing of an individual's name, image, and identity.
Securities Cases governing the offer, sale, and trading of securities, as well as the conduct of professionals in the industry.
Tax Cases governing the assessment and collection of taxes.
Torts Cases governing the redress of civil wrongs or injuries.
Trade Secrets Cases involving the commercial use and licensing of a formula, practice, design, or method not generally known by others and which allows an individual or business to gain economic advantage over competitors.
Trademarks Cases involving the commercial use and licensing of a specified name, word, symbol, or design used in commerce to identify and distinguish goods and services.
Transportation Cases involving the movement of people, animals, or goods from one location to another.
Wills, Trusts & Estates Cases governing the distribution of the property of a deceased person via will, trust, or intestacy.
Workers' Compensation Cases governing employer liability for injuries, occupational diseases, and other ailments suffered by employees during the course of their employment.
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