April 26, 2017 (4.4.4)

  • Content updated through April 21, 2017.  
  • PDF versions of case are now made available in the main search results page. Look for the download icon.                                                              


  • Other recent changes
    • Ravel is now providing multiple Topic labels to cases when relevant. These are derived using new machine algorithms that are explained in a blog post Categorizing the Law.  A full list of our active Topic categories is available in our Legal Topics FAQ.Screen_Shot_2017-04-03_at_3.53.54_PM.png
    • Ravel Labs users will have access to augmented information about good law and bad law. We will specify how many cases recognize a certain affirming, overruling, abrogating or overturning case.


    • Search visualization is now only available to customers signed up for the Advanced plan.
    • Paying customers will be given a choice to include search visualization or not after a search.
    • A bug that allowed researchers with mandatory client ID configurations to bypass setting it, has been fixed.
    • Additional case data is now displayed on the search results for paid Ravel plans (Advanced, Enterprise and above): Topics, Key Phrases, Motion Outcomes
    • To support more customer formats, we have made entry format of client matter ID more flexible.
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