July 5, 2016 (2.1.0)

Bug fixes

  • The starring of opinions has been fixed throughout Ravel: opinions in Search Visualization, Judge Analytics and Case Reader can now be starred or un-starred.
  • The search results have been improved for readability. 

New Features

Personal tags: Opinions can be labelled with user-defined, personal tags from Search results, Judge Analytics and Case Reader. Tagging opinions allows users to organize their work.

Previously viewed: Opinions that have been previously viewed in Case Reader will now include an indicator that they have been previously viewed.

Ravel Workspace:

  • Organize work: Users will access a new landing page when logging in to Ravel. They will be able to browse and print all of their starred and previously annotated opinions.
  • Manage personal tags: Ravel subscribers can manage their personal tags, rename tags and designate tag colors.
  • Release Notes: Users can learn what's new in Ravel.
  • Recent activity: Users can browse their entire work history, including the Client Matters they were using in the course of their research.

Law Firms: Participating Law Firms are identified on the Opinion Reader. Ravel will be introducing a Law Firm Analytics product later this year. Find out more.

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