September 9, 2016 (2.2.0)

Content Update

  • Caselaw is updated through September 3, 2016.
  • New historical federal Harvard content pre-1930 has been included.

Bug fixes

  • Numerous minor bug fixes. 

New Features

  • Search filters: Users can now filter search results by Motion type, Topic, Date, and Statute section 
    • Filters are activated by clicking on the Filters icon in the search results indicator, after your initial search.

    • Upon clicking the Filters icon, additional filtering options are made available, along with counts of the number of opinions matching those criteria. Make your selections and click Apply to rerun your search and return the narrowed results.

    • Clear All removes all filters previously applied. Reset returns the filters to the state they were in during your last search.
    • Applied filter indicators:
      • A number adjacent to the Filters icon indicates how many filters are currently in place for your search. In the following example, there are two filters in place.

      • A Filter indicator indicates which filters are in place for your current search. These are exposed by clicking the filter icon when there is a number indicator. In the following example, there are filters for the "Firearms" topic and the "Motion to Dismiss" motion filter.

  • Results Sparkline: The sparkline indicator in the Search results page indicates the historical trend in matching opinions. In the following example, Ravel matched 55,114 opinions between 1880 and 2016, with 10 authored in 1971. The number of opinions for a specific year can be revealed by hovering your mouse over the sparkline.

The sparkline also appears in Judge analytics to indicate a judge's opinion output over time.


  • Negative Treatment: Ravel Labs users now get a Negative Treatment indicator when an opinion has had significant negative treatment overruling, overturning or abrogating the case. Ravel identifies these negative treatments by analyzing the subsequent citation history of the case. 
    • In this example, an overturned case has a Negative Treatment indicator.

    • The indicator will also appear on Case Cards.

    • Case with significant negative treatment will be highlighted with a red circle in the search visualization.

This feature is in beta and is available to all Ravel Labs customers. Click "edit account" in your workspace and sign up for Ravel Labs to get access.

Future releases will:

  • indicate throughout the app which case overruled your case.
  • indicate throughout the app which cases recognize the overruling.
  • highlight the language which states the overruling.



  • Ravel Marketing site: Ravel has launched a new marketing site at

From the marketing site, the Ravel App can be accessed by clicking the Login button in the upper right corner.





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